What We Do

Bentley Foodservice is a family run business by a mother and son team, Sharon and Martin Bentley. The Bentley family has been involved in the dairy industry for the last 60 years, starting with Martin’s grandfather John, who was a doorstep milkman in the 1950’s. Martin’s father Bob, started at an early age by helping his dad on the round in Andover, Hampshire.

Bob left school at the age of 15 and became a yard boy for a local dairy until he was old enough to drive, where he became a roundsman himself. After some time, Bob moved to Oxford where he pursued other job roles until coming back to the milk industry and going into business with a local farmer, to offer a doorstep supply to the surrounding villages.

In the 1990’s, Bob entered the wholesale sector and started to supply colleges and catering establishments in Oxfordshire. He ran a successful business for a number of years until he sold it to another dairy and started to work for Brazier Dairies so that he had more time for his young family.


Bob had the chance to purchase the wholesale business when Brazier Dairies was sold and he seized the opportunity. He continued to operate under the Brazier Dairies name until the product range increased, when he changed the name to Brazier Foodservice to reflect the direction that the business was heading in.


Sharon had worked closely with Bob from the beginning in-between raising the family, from helping out on a milk round, to running the office. Once the children had got a bit older, Sharon ran the office side of the company, which she still does today.

Moving Forward...

Martin followed in his father’s footsteps and starting helping on the milk rounds on a Saturday and in the summer holidays. Since his early introduction to the dairy trade, Martin helped out in a lot of different aspects of the industry before becoming a delivery driver for the family business at the age of 17. After a few years of being a delivery driver, Bob offered Martin the opportunity to learn to be the company’s salesperson. Martin took on the role as salesman until eventually taking over the responsibility of purchasing. The family business was then in full flow with Bob overseeing the sales and operations of the company, Martin responsible for purchasing and sales, with Sharon overseeing customer services and accounts.


Martin took over the Managing Director role in December 2016 and Sharon remains in control of the customer services and accounts side of the company.


As many of our customers know that the Bentley family had been involved in the company for so long, we thought that it was time to reflect this by changing the name to Bentley Foodservice.

Why our customers love us...

  • Reliable and friendly staff

  • Orders can be placed from 7.30am to 10.30pm

  • A friendly and helpful office team

  • Traceability of all products

  • All vehicles are refrigerated and compliant with all neccessary legislation

  • Product ranges covering all dairy produce

  • A member of the management always available

  • Deliveries made regardless of the weather

  • Six Day operating week

Proudly working with...

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